Contemporary villa designed by architects Thierry CAREL and Elodie ALBOUY

Emeraude story...

“Emeraude” means Emerald. But why "Emeraude"? ...

... "Emeraude", in homage to the color of the Tarn river, its green and crystal clear waters, which has carved over millions years large limestone plateaus called "Causses" and the Gorges du Tarn, the biggest and most beautiful canyon of France.

... "Emeraude", because we dreamed of this place : an ideal site between sky and water, in the heart of nature, in this region of South of France from which we come from and where we live. We wished to build a design holiday house both modern and integrated into its environment, where nature invites inside for a homecoming.

... "Emeraude", because we have invested a lot in this project, supported by two passionate architects Thierry CAREL and Elodie ALBOUY, to offer a luxury villa rental, modern and comfortable, and make your stay a memorable one, a rare and precious memories.

Discover the story of the work undertaken in June 2012 on our blog: